264. 【For MEN】How to choose Suitable Glasses for WAVE type

Fashion correct answer is wearing on clothes that match our body. In Japan, there is 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD to know suitable designs and cloth texture. There are 3 bodyframe type STRAIGHT, WAVE and NATURAL in the method.



What is your bodyframe type?
You can find what bodyframe type you are from the article below.

The summary of body features of each bodyframe type



【For MEN】
Suitable Glasses for Each Bodyframe Type
Check the SHAPE and MATERIAL of glasses
Glasses are very convenient item to change your impression. Everybody has their own suitable glasses as long as they choose suitable shape and frame material of glasses for them.

Though the suitable glasses shape is different depending on the type of your face, 3 each bodyframe type has their own suitable frame material of glasses in this method. 
It’s also very important to try on and compare some glasses that of shape and material suit you.

Check ! The suitable shape of glasses for your face type.



Check ! The suitable frame material for your bodyframe type.


WAVE type

DESIGN:Not too thick frame and not too big size glasses

DESIGN:Not too thick frame and not too big size glasses


As WAVE type matches lightweight material, a glasses with plastic frame is recommended. Not too thick frame one is better for them because thick frame is too much for WAVE type’s thin bodyframe and gentle face. The size of glasses is also not too large design one is better.

Sunglasses also with plastic frame is better for WAVE type. Lightweight plastic frame is recommended for them because a glasses with metal frame makes WAVE type look older. Sunglasses also not too big design one is better for them.


The pictures of clothes on this blog can be different from suitable clothes for each bodyframe type exactly because these pictures are just visual samples.