306. 【For MEN】 Suitable shirt collar for NATURAL type

The fashion correct answer is wearing clothes that match our body. In Japan, there is 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD to know suitable designs and cloth texture. There are 3 bodyframe type STRAIGHT, WAVE and NATURAL in the method.


What is your bodyframe type?
You can find what bodyframe type you are from the article below.

The summary of body features of each bodyframe type


【For MEN】
Suitable SHIRT COLLAR for Each Bodyframe Type
Shirt collar gives a strong impression to your suit style because it is very close to your face. Depends on the collar design, you look slim or also fat because it makes your neck look shorter or also longer.
Although the standard (medium) design collar matches all bodyframe type people, other design collars are not for everyone. The people who have slim long neck matches most designs of collar, the people who have thick short neck need to choose the design carefully. Check out the kinds of shirt collar design.



Suitable SHIRT COLLAR for

Since NATURAL type has strong bodyframe, they match regular or large size collar and a large tie knot. Therefore they shouldn’t choose a shirt having small collar or a design collar that would make a small tie knot. 
As NATURAL type has long neck, they also match the shirt having decorations like button down or pinned collar. 



The standard design collar. The regular width of collar spread and medium size collar is good for NATURAL type. Large size collar one is also good.



Button Down 
The  casual design of it matches NATURAL type.




It is recommended for NATURAL type because it can make a large tie knot.





Not recommended

The wide spread collar is not recommended for NATURAL type because it makes their neck look too tight. Not too wide spread one is better.




Not good

The short and small collar don’t match NATURAL type because it makes them look too cute.






The pictures of clothes on this blog can be different from suitable clothes for each bodyframe type exactly because these pictures are just visual samples.




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