298. 【For MEN】How to choose suitable suit for NATURAL type?

The fashion correct answer is wearing clothes that match our body. In Japan, there is 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD to know suitable designs and cloth texture. There are 3 bodyframe type STRAIGHT, WAVE and NATURAL in the method.


What is your bodyframe type?
You can find what bodyframe type you are from the article below.

The summary of body features of each bodyframe type


【For MEN】
Suitable SUIT for Each Bodyframe Type
A suit that perfectly matches your bodyframe will play a part in gaining trust in business scenes. Although it is a simple style clothes, there are a lot of small differences of many parts to match your bodyframe. You can easily find the suit that perfectly match you if you know the points of suit to check out.
to check out 



Suitable SUIT for

Since NATURAL type has strong bodyframe and wide shoulder, they match a suit of strong design like rope shoulder, wide lapel, long length and double breasted buttons. In addition as its name suggests, NATURAL type matches natural design like normal notch lapel and irregular stripes pattern. Let’s check out the best suit that makes NATURAL type’s bodyframe look more attractive.


① SHOULDER : Rope Shoulder
NATURAL type matches rope shoulder. They don’t match structured silhouette because they already have broad shoulder. 


Notch Lapel 

It is recommended for NATURAL type to choose normal notch lapel because they match natural design.. 



As NATURAL type has strong bodyframe, they match wide lapel. The wide width of lapel is 
9 ~ 11 cm
~3.75 – 4.50”


④ V-zone:Regular or Deep
NATURAL type matches regular or deep V-zone.


⑤ CLOTH PATTERN:Plain, Large or Irregular pattern
It is recommended for NATURAL type to choose a suit of plain cloth or large check, irregular stripes pattern.


⑥ Length:Long ( Longer than the end of their buttocks )
Since NATURAL type has wide shoulder and long legs, the length of their suit should be 2~3cm (~0.75-1.25″) longer than the end of their buttocks.


⑦ Buttons:Single breasted ( 2 buttons ), Double breasted
NATURAL type matches both of single breasted and double breasted because they have strong bodyframe.



The pictures of clothes on this blog can be different from suitable clothes for each bodyframe type exactly because these pictures are just visual samples.




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