198. 【For MEN】Pants for STRAIGHT type

Fashion correct answer is wearing on clothes that match our body. In Japan, there is 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD to know suitable designs and cloth texture. There are 3 bodyframe type STRAIGHT, WAVE and NATURAL in the method.


【For MEN】
Suitable Pants for STRAIGHT type

best pants for STRAIGHT type is straight pants. Not too wide, slim, nor short length, simple basic straight pants is best for them. Slim bottoms like skinny pants or short length like cropped pants make them look fatter than they are. As STRAIGHT type has muscular thighs, tapered pants is also good. Jogger pants makes them look too casual, and wide pants is not recommended for STRAIGHT type’s well-balanced figure. Anyway, all kind of pants should be simple neat design and made of flat solid cloth. 


Very Good

Straight pants 
This is best for STRAIGHT type. The straight line of same width of the pants matches them very much. Having center crease, solid cloth one is better.



Tapered pants 
Tapered pants is that the hem of the pants is thinning. As STRAIGHT type has thick thighs, tapered pants make them look stylish and comfortable. Having center crease one is recommended.






Cargo Pants 
Cargo pants has some side pockets on it. For STRAIGHT type, having flat pockets and solid cloth, neat design one is better.







Short Pants 
For STRAIGHT type, thick and solid cloth, straight line one is recommended.






Not Recommended

Cropped pants
Cropped pants is short length pants that shows your ankle. STRAIGHT type looks fat wearing this kind of pants.



Wide pants
Wide pants is not recommended for STRAIGHT type’s well-balanced figure.






Skinny pants 
As STRAIGHT type has muscular thighs, their legs look thick and fat wearing skinny pants.




Jogger pants 
Jogger pants is a sportswear having rib on the hem of the pants. It makes STRAIGHT type look too casual and childish.




The ONLINE DIAGNOSIS of your bodyframe type will START on September 29, 2020


Picture Source:
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Tapered pants  https://www.pinterest.jp/pin/209276713913553981/
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Short pants  https://www.pinterest.jp/pin/849702654686161771/
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Skinny pants  https://www.pinterest.jp/pin/460493130651000157/
Jogger pants  https://www.pinterest.jp/pin/303289356148765320/ 


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