175. 【For MEN】Keywords of each type

Fashion correct answer is wearing clothes that match our body. In Japan, there is 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD to know suitable designs and cloth texture. There are 3 bodyframe type STRAIGHT, WAVE and NATURAL in the method.


STRAIGHT type styling keywords

【For MEN】
STRAIGHT type styling keywords are


Keyword 1 : SIMPLE
As STRAIGHT type tends to have enough muscle and toned body, simple clothes are best to make them look nice figure. Trendy designs or decorative clothes are too much for their body. Simple designs and flat cloth materials also make them look slender. It is better that even buttons or pockets on their clothes don’t stand out for STRAIGHT type. 




Keyword 2 : BASIC

STRAIGHT type’s 2nd keyword is basic. Basic items like plain white T-shirt, straight pants, simple jacket are most important for their wardrobe. Basic items make you look more stylish and better figure than wearing trendy items and they are easy to create an entire outfit with other items.



Keyword 3 : NEAT 

STRAIGHT type’s styling should be neat. Damaged or crashed designs, worn-out items make STRAIGHT type look too casual or childish. STRAIGHT type looks taller and slender wearing neat design like solid shirt and center crease pants. 









WAVE type styling keywords


【For MEN】
WAVE type styling keywords are


Keyword 1 : ACCENT
As WAVE type has flat torso, they look stylish wearing a clothes which have some accent on it. Accent like a pocket, hood, logo, and buttons are better. If they wear clothes of simple design and flat plain cloth material, they look too simple. Accent on the upper position of their clothes make their long neck look very stylish. WAVE type are also easy to take trendy designs and they can enjoy choosing their outfit.



Keyword 2 : LAYERING

WAVE type’s 2nd keyword is layered wearing. If you have simple clothes, try layered wearing like this picture. Put a plain sweater on a shirt, or put a T-shirt on a long T-shirt. They look really stylish in layering clothes because they have flat torso and long neck. 




Keyword 3 : ACCESSORIES 

WAVE type can pull their outfit off with fashion accessories. Accessories like cap, watch, glasses are good items to make your outfit more stylish. Even if you have little wardrobe, these accessories will change the impression of your clothes easily.









NATURAL type styling keywords


【For MEN】
NATURAL type styling keywords are


Keyword 1 : CASUAL
NATURAL type look fashionable when they wearing casual clothes. They look better wearing casual shirt than formal one. Casual oversize clothes match their strong bodyframe and firm skin. NATURAL type look too simple wearing neat formal design clothes. 



Keyword 2 : DESIGN

NATURAL type’s 2nd keyword is design. They match the clothes which have some large or long design like big collar, big pocket, long sleeve, or asymmetry hem better than simple design one. They look stylish and nice figure wearing impressive design that matches their strong bodyframe.



Keyword 3 : NATURAL

As its name suggests, NATURAL type’s skin matches natural cloth materials. Natural materials like cotton, wool, hemp, and the rough surface of them are also good for NATURAL type’s clothes. They also match natural hippie style design like fringing, tie-dye.





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