156. Japanese good souveniors for connoisseurs ー Best souvenirs selected by Japanese woman

Japan is full of items that we want.
Though I researched many sites of japanese souvenirs popular with foreigners, I’d like to tell other recommended souvenirs in Japan as one Japanese woman.
So I selected some items suitable for souvenior for foreigners.

In this article, I selected the items in the conditions below.

・Not too heavy and not too much volume
・Not too expensive
・Japan original
・Not influenced by personal tastes
・Useful in daily life
・Not so popular in other sites
・Easy to get in anywhere in Japan

So all of the items are suitable for souveniors and really useful and popular also in Japan. I hope you and your friends will enjoy their life with these japanese souveniors.

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My recommended souvenior items are below.


Company name : Kao

Price : 570 yen  ( tax not included )


If you and your friends enjoy bath time, I strongly recommend this bath agent. This product named “Bub” contains carbon dioxide and it dissolves in water like cider. The carbon dioxide gas improves your blood circulation and it is good to remove fatigue. 
Though I tried many type of bath agents in Japan, this “bub” is my No.1 recommendation because of its effect, good cost performance and natural aroma. 
There are so many kinds of aroma of “Bub”, and you can find individual resale in large drug stores. It is also good for small souvenirs and easy to try in the hotel in your staying in Japan.




Folding umbrella
Price : 500 ~ 3000 yen 


You can find really tiny and thin folding umbrella in Japan. As Most of umbrella has UV cut effect, it is very useful if it were in your bag or pocket. For you and for your important people, a japanese folding umbrella will be a good souvenir. You can find compact umbrella in any convenience store and large discount store like don quixote in Japan.




Company name : OKAMOTO SOCKS
Price : 378 yen  ( tax included )


This socks resolve all of your worries of short socks. This short socks “KOKOPITA” never come off all a day even if you run, take off your shoes. As there are several type of the length of this short socks, you can put in shoes elegantly without showing socks. You can buy this socks in large drug stores and discount stores in Japan.
In Japan, the shoes and socks size are written in centimeter, it is better to know the length and size in metric system.





TOOTHBRUSH for children
Price : 100 ~ 300 yen


As there are so many kinds of toothbrush in Japan, toothbrush for children developed its original functionality and design. I heard that japanese woman who has children and lives in abroad, she always buy children’s toothbrush each time she back to Japan because the head of brush is small and it is easy to brush children’s small mouth. If you have acquaintance of small children, it will be a good souvenior for them.
Although there are also many kinds of good toothbrush for adults, be careful to buy them as souveniors because it may be a massage that “You have bad breath”.




Price : 100 ~ 500 yen 


You can find many kinds of fancy seals in japanese shops. As Japanese young people enjoy decorate their stationaries with many seals, there are large seal selling area in the shops. You can see many seals in 100 yen shops, large stationary shops in Japan. 


Except the above, there are a lot of convenient items in Japan. I hope you and your family and friends can enjoy japanese souveniors also after the trip.

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