155. Japanese food souveniors for connoisseursー Best souvenirs selected by Japanese woman

Japanese foods are really tasty.
Though I researched many sites of japanese souvenirs popular with foreigners, I’d like to tell other recommended foods in Japan as one japanese woman.

In this article, I selected the foods in the conditions below.

・Not too heavy and not too much volume
・Not too expensive
・Japan original 
・Keep for long
・Easy to cook 
・Not so popular in other sites
・Easy to get in anywhere in Japan

So all of the foods are suitable for souveniors and really tasty and popular also in Japan. I hope you have the chance to try to eat these foods.

My recommended souvenior foods are below.


Company name : Itoen

Tea bag of green tea
Left : 362 yen   Right : 270 yen ( tax not included )


If you or your friends like japanese green tea, this tea bags of green tea are the best souvenir for them. As this company is the most famous tea product manufaturer in Japan, you can get this product in most of supermarket in Japan. It is also good for as a small souvenirs because there are 20 individual packaged tea bags in a box. 
As the taste and aroma of green tea improves in proportion to the price, my recommendation is the left one. 


Freeze-dry Miso soup
Price : about 50 ~ 100 yen


There are many kinds of instant soup in Japan, I think this packed type freeze-dry miso soup tastes better than cup type or liquid miso type. You can find such freeze-dry miso soup package in any convenience store and supermarket in Japan. There is no recommended company because most of freeze-dry miso soups tastes good. 
My recommended ingredient is eggplant of purple package.



Company name : Bourbon
Rumando (crape cookie stick)
13 sticks in a pack  145 yen ( tax not included )


This is the best and long seller snack in Japan. It has been sold for more than 45 years and loved by all of children, adults and eldery people in Japan. The rolled crape cookie is coated by cocoa cream and the crispy texture is nice and difficult to stop eating. You can find this purple package in every supermarket in Japan. Be careful to carry and eat because it is very fragile snack.



Company name : Harima seimen

Ibonoito ( Somen noodles)
300g 348 yen ( tax not included )


This is Japanese dried fine noodles called “Somen”. This brand name “Ibonoito” is a little expensive than other somen noodle, but the taste is soooo good for its price. It is really easier to cook than other kinds of dried noodles, and the simple taste matches any taste of soup, so I think this is good item for japanese souvenir.
【How to cook】One red bundle is for one meal of a person.
Hot noodles : Put the somen noodle into boiled soup (any soup you like) and stir and wait a minute. 
Cold noodles : After one minute boiling in water, take it and put into cold water and wash to remove the slime. Then, take it from water and put any sauce you like on it.


Though it is written that the boiling time is 1minute and a half ~ 2 minutes on the package, my recommended boiling time is one minute. But boil longer if you like soft noodle. It is also good noodle for baby if you cut into short length.




FURIKAKE  ( Seasoned powder for sprinking over rice)
Company name : Marumiya
Noritama Furikake (seaweed and egg)
58g 224 yen (include tax)


Though there are a lot of frikake in Japan, this is long and best seller one in Japan. This Noritama (seaweed and egg) taste is not so solty and matches any dishes and very popular with children. Usually Japanese put this seasoned powder over rice, there are many ways to eat this furikake. It is useful for as the topping for buttered toast, yakisoba, chinese fried rice, etc.

My recommended Furikake is below.
Company name : Mishima shokuhin
Yukari (dried powder of red perilla)
26g 131 yen (include tax)


I like this furikake and it’s also best and long seller in Japan. It is the powder of dried red perilla, and it adds any dishes flesh flavor of perilla. Not only dishes, but also some people put this powder into a clear liquor like shochu. 
Of cource both furikake you can get any supermarket in Japan. 




Company name : Pine company
Pine Ame 
120g 131 yen (include tax)


This candy has been loved by japanese people for more than 60 years, and it is also my No.1 recommendation. This juicy and fruity pineapple taste is really good and it is also good for small souveniors because it is individual packaged. You can find this candy in supermarkets or convenience stores in Japan.



Except the above, there are a lot of tasty foods in Japan. I hope you and your family and friends can enjoy Japanese foods also after the trip.




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