154. The best seller of interest food shop KALDI


KALDI adds interest to what you eat.
If you are tired of eating similar meals everyday, I recommend you to go KALDI shop.


This is food shop gathered interestiong foods and drinks from all over the world. There are a lot of tasty things selected by buyers. In this article, I’ll tell you some recommended items that is popular in Japan.

Recommended foods and drinks in KALDI coffee farm.

MILD KALDI coffee beans
200g  496 yen (include tax)


As KALDI mainly sells coffee related items, there are many kinds of selected coffee beans in the shop. In such specialty things, this is the best recommended blend of KALDI coffee farm. As its name suggests, the taste is mild and the sour and bitter tastes are well balanced.

If you don’t have coffee mill, there is a drip coffee of same blend.

CAFE KALDI drip coffee
10g×10P   448 yen (include tax)




Raw ham
120g 338 yen (include tax)


This is reasonable for its taste and useful for any dishes because it is sliced into small pieces. It will makes your dinner and drinking time more enjoyful one.



KALDI original cinnamon roll
259 yen 


This is a frozen food so please warm up by microwave and eat piping hot one. The sweet taste and cinnamon flavor really matches hot coffee.


150g 358 yen (include tax)


This solted fish egg spread makes plain bread or pasta a delicious dish. You can make a wonderful snack with this spread quickly.



GS black tea 
500ml  540 yen (include tax)


This is concentrated tea so you can make any kind of tea drinks mixing with other beverages. Milk, soda, of course just water matches  this tasty strong tea.

Except the above, there are a lot of interest foods and drinks that you can’t see in a supermarket. Sometimes you can drink sampling coffee in the shop. There are more than 400 shops of KALDI in Japan and you can check the shop list and map in English below.

KALDI shop list and map

I hope you will enjoy your meal time with foods and drinks of KALDI.





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