153. The recommended items of child care goods shop NISHIMATSUYA.

Baby’s growing speed is really fast.
Though they can’t wear same clothes for more than 2,3 monthes, we want to see the pretty figure of the babies wearing pretty design and fitting size clothes. 
The Baby’s clothes should be throughly pretty and reasonable.

In Japan, there is a very popular child care goods shop. The shop name is NISHIMATSUYA.


You can find any kind of child care goods like baby and child clothes, maternity wear, buggy, and weaning foods there. All of them are really reasonable.
Today, I’d like to wirte about pretty and useful items in NISHIMATSUYA.

The recommended and highlight items in NISHIMATSUYA

Clothes for babies and kids
NISHIMATSUYA is famous of its reasonable and pretty design child clothes. I’ll write about some useful and popular items in this article.

For reference, below is the size list of America and Japan.


The size of Japanese child clothes is the child’s height in metric. I recommend you to note the height of your child in metric before shopping.

1 foot  ≒ 30.48 cm
1 inch  ≒ 2.54 cm

Then, you can check the popular items of NISHIMATSUYA.

Pajama pants with belly wamer (a set of 2 pants)
Price 1,079 yen (include tax)


It is nice clothes to keep children’s stomach warm even if they kick out their blanket. They also look stylish because they don’t have to tuck their top in the pants. Of course there are a set of top and bottom of pajamas.

Pajamas for girl 
Price 1,079 yen (include tax)





Rain coat over backpack
Price 1,298 yen (include tax)


As the back body part of this rain coat is made of extra wide cloth, children can wear it over his shoudering backpack. They can protect the backpack too from rain with this coat. 
Of course no backpack style is also pretty. It is designed stylish in both way.



Strech pants
Price 879 yen (include tax)


It will be really useful item for daily coordinations.
The strech cloth of this pants allows children to move freely and comfortably. The high rise design makes child’s back never show even if they crouch down. 



Maternity wear

Meternity pajama
Price 2,479 yen (include tax)


The check points of maternity pajamas are below.
・Comfortable waist design of pants
・Easy suckling design
・Long length top is better for medical examination
Most of meternity pajamas in NISHIMATSUYA meet the requests of above.


Meternity girdle


There are a lot of kinds of meternity girdles in NISHIMATSUYA. If you work or move actively, pants design one is recommended.


Except the above, there are so many useful recommended items for child and meternity care goods in NISHIMATSUYA. As there are about 1,000 NISHIMATSUYA shops in Japan, you can find the rabbit mark signboard in near area you are. Here is the shop list and map ( in Japanese). 

NISHIMATSUYA shop list and map






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