151. WORKMAN handles functional, stylish, low price items.


Do you know “WORKMAN”? 
WORKMAN is the japanese shop handling workwear for the people who works at factories or construction sites.


There are a lot of uniforms, gloves and other useful products for such workers.


You can find any kind of functional gloves at low price in WORKMAN.http://abc-times.net/life/18/

The products of the shop are really functionally, low price and the designs of most of them are really stylish.
These days, WORKMAN is really popular in the ordinaly people because of its high quality products.
Today, I strongly recommend this shoop and introduce some hit products that may be useful for your daily life.

My Recomendation & Hit products of WORKMAN

Price:4,900 yen (include tax)
R-006 透湿レインスーツSTRETCH )


This is a set of pants and jacket. No matter how strong rain you catch, you may never be wet if only you wear this suits because its lining is made of waterproof film.
If you enjoy golf, fishing, mountaineering, camping, watching sports, I promise this suits will be really useful.

Except this suits, you can find many kinds of functional and stylish low price jackets and pants in WORKMAN.


Price:1,900 yen (include tax)
CB400 ファイングリップシューズ )


This is antislip shoes. If you wear on this shoes, you can walk on water or oil floor without slipping. Though this shoes were made for chefs in restaurants, now this is popular in mothers especialy who is pregnamt or carrying baby in her arms. 

Of course there are many kinds of antislip shoes or boots in WORKMAN.

Price:1,900 yen
(include tax)

( S020 綿アノラックパーカー )


This wear is developed for the work sites of fire sparks flying. If you are in charge of fire of camping, this wear will be really useful. This is made of 100% cotton, and you can adjust the neck line, so this parker will protect you from the fire sparks. 


Except the above, there are a lot of useful products in WORKMAN. 

There are more than 800 shops of WORKMAN in Japan, so you can find this shop in every main city of every prefecture in Japan.

Though it is written in japanese, I put the map of the WORKMAN shops below.

WORKMAN shoplist map

If you have the chance to come to Japan, I strongly recommend to see the shop and try to touch some items in WORKMAN. I’m sure that you can find the useful items that improve your life. 



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