147. The best jacket for each type

Fashion correct answer is wearing on clothes that match our body. In Japan, there is 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD to know suitable designs and cloth texture. There are 3 bodyframe type STRAIGHT, WAVE and NATURAL in the method.



The best jacket for STRAIGHT type is
Tailored Jacket


There’s some point why it is best for STRAIGHT type.

POINT 1 : Simple and Standard
Tailored jacket is the most simple and standard design in various kind of jackets. That really matches STRAIGHT type’s body and make them look stylish. Decorative disigns are not needed for their hourglass-shaped body.

POINT 2 : Deep V- neck line
Deep V- neck line of tailored jacket makes STRAIGHT type look slim and sharp because STRAIGHT type tends to have thick torso and short neck. They look slimmer wearing on wide opened neck designs.

POINT 3 : Middle length
Middle length of tailored jacket is good for STRAIGHT type because they have great barance of upper and lower body. The length suits their balanced body very much. Middle is the length of around the hip bones.


The best jacket for WAVE type is
No collar Jacket



There’s some point why it is best for WAVE type.

POINT 1 : Feminine and Decorative
WAVE type looks cute and stylish wearing on feminine round neck or decorative clothes. As their thin and delicate torso matches decorative design, fringes or bijoux on upper position of clothes make them look beautiful.

POINT 2 : Closed neck line
The closed neck line of no collar jacket covers WAVE type’s delicate neck line and collarbone. It is also recommended to wear on shallow opened neck design when they choose other type of clothes.

POINT 3 : Short length
WAVE type looks stylish wearing on short length jacket. They tends to have slimmer and longer upper body compared to lower body, so short or compact jacket make their legs look longer and become nice figure.


The best jacket for NATURAL type is
Long Jacket



There’s some good points of long jacket for NATURAL type.

POINT 1 : Rough and Wide
NATURAL type looks stylish wearing on oversize clothes because it makes their strong bodyframe look feminine. Rough and wide silhouette of long jacket is best for them and also wide sleeves and no waist shape is good to make rough silhouette.

POINT 2 : Long length
The clothes of long length make NATURAL type look nice figure. Long length that covers around under their bottoms makes good balance of their coodination. NATURAL type’s body balance leans to their upper body because they tend to have wide shoulder and slim long leg.

POINT 3 : Decorations on lower position
It is better for NATURAl type that points of clothes are on lower position of jacket. As described in POINT 2, their body balance is tends to lean on upper body, so decorations like buttons or pockets should be on lower position of their clothes.


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