139. Summer hats for NATURAL type

Fashion correct answer is wearing clothes that match our body. In Japan, there is 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD to know suitable designs and cloth texture. There are 3 bodyframe type STRAIGHT, WAVE and NATURAL in the method.


The conditions of summer hats for NATURAL type are below.

・Casual design
・Menslike design
・Nubby surface and hard material

As NATURAL type matches casual design, the decoration like rough brim, fringe, opaque stones or beadwork are good for their summer hats. They also match better the design made of natural solid wave line than straight line one.
A menslike design is better than elegant or feminine design. 
For their summer hats, it is recommended that the nubby surface made of thick straw, hemp and cotton, and they matches the hard and solid hats.


For summer hats, there are some samples of straw hats below for NATURAL type.









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