130. The reason why I wrote about 3 TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD in English.

The reason why
I write about 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD in English.

I was made fun of about my clothes.

I didn’t have any good sense of fashion before.
In my childhood, I was made fun of by my classmates about my clothes because I didn’t have good sense of choosing my clothes. That was really shocking experience for me. I cried at home and worried about clothes everyday. So I started to be care about my fashion too much from at that time.

I spent a lot of time and money on my clothes.
I have tried every kind of fashion for a long time. I spent all of my allowance and salary on my clothes, and I ran into debt from my parents to buy clothes. I got a blow by my mum because of my crazy wasting money on clothes. From at that time, I thought spending money and it reduced but I continued to buy clothes.

I found the answer of fashion.
One day, I noticed just one thing. ” Wearing clothes that suit me is the best way of fashion.” “Such clothes make me look better. Even if they were cheap, not the latest, not same as everyone.”  “People praise me and I can have confidence wearing suitable clothes.” After that, I learned the clothes designs that suit me by a lot of fitting.

I met one method.
In such days I found the fashion rule “3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD”. In that method, I saw a lot of designs suit me that I tried and learned for a long time until then. There were a lot of correct answers that I reached spending a lot of cost and trial. I studied the method at once and got the licence. 

I have studied English for a long time.
I am Japanese and I worked at a maintenance company in Tokyo. I also studied English after work to be an interpreter at that time. I wanted to go and work at abroad so I studied languages for a long time. 

I want to tell the method to the world.
After I learned the method, I thought I want to tell this wonderful method to all over the world. This method was born in Japan, and I decided to write and tell it on this articles. I know that my English skill is not perfect, but I really wanted to tell about the method. I expect to use this method for genetic study to provide suitable clothes to people in the future.
That’s why I’m writing about this method in English.



NAME             :Noma Gene 
ADDRESS  :  Aomori in Japan (near Misawa air base)
・1st grade stylist of 3Type Bodyframe Method    
・ 1 st grade stylist of 4Season Personal Color 



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