124. How to make Y line silhouette for NATURAL type

Fashion correct answer is wearing clothes that match our body. In Japan, there is 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD to know suitable designs and cloth texture. There are 3 bodyframe type STRAIGHT, WAVE and NATURAL in the method.


Q. What is Y line silhouette?

Ans. Y line silhouette is the coordinations like the shape of the letter of ” Y “.

Y line is one of the fashion silhouette made of volume tops and slim bottoms.
The long and volume silhouette of upper body is balanced with the lower body made of slim and compact silhouette.

This coordination is recommended for NATURAL type because the volume silhouette covers the wide shoulder framework of NATURAL type.

Additional to that, NATURAL type looks stylish wearing on the clothes that have long length or volume designs. These designs cover NATURAL type’s strong bodyframe and make the casual coordinations.



Q. How to make Y line silhouette?
There are a lot of good items and coodinations to make Y line silhouette.

A1. WEAR big sihouette design tops


As NATURAL type tends to have strong wramework, they can wear such big silhouette design clothes stylishly. It is good way to make Y line silhouette wearing such big silhouette clothes.



Q. How to make Y line silhouette?

A2. WEAR layer of clothes


NATURAL type mathes layering clothes style because they have strong framework and rhin torso. Their strong framework matches the volume of layer of many clothes and their thin torso looks gorgeus with the volume. 


Q.How to make Y line silhouette

A3. WEAR clothes covering their shoulders design
・Big collar design


Big collar design is the good item to make Y line silouette and it tricks on eyes to make NATURAL type’s wide shoulder look delicate.

・Cape sleeve design


Cape sleeve is also good design to make Y line silhouette and it covers the NATURAL type’s strong framework and wide shoulders. 


・Cape, poncho, mant


The designs like sleeveless design clothes like cape, poncho, mant are also good items to make Y line silhouette. NATURAL type can wear these clothes stylishly and those clothes are good to cover the NATURAL type’s strong framework.



Q.How to make Y line silhouette?

A4. PUT ON volume scarf


Putting on a volume long scarf is also a good item to make Y line silhouette. NATURAL type’s bodyframe matches such big volume and it is also good to make stylish coordination for NATURAL type. 






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