121. How to make I line silhouette for STRAIGHT type

Fashion correct answer is wearing on clothes that match our body. In Japan, there is 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD to know suitable designs and cloth texture. There are 3 bodyframe type STRAIGHT, WAVE and NATURAL in the method.


Q. What is I line silhouette?

A. I line silhouette is the coodinations like the shape of the letter of ” I “.

I line is one of the fashion silhouette like no volume, no shaped or flared items on the coodination. This is the smart and simple fashion so it is often used for business occasons.
This I line silhouette fashion is recommended for STRAIGHT type because it makes their curvy body look stylish and enhances their balanced figure. People looks slender and tall in the I line coodinations. Belows are the coodination samples of I line silhouette for STRAIGHT type.


Q. How to make I line silhouette?
There are a lot of good items and coodinations to make I line silhouette.

A1. WEAR ON simple basic items.
・Pants style


・Skirt style


As the simple basic clothes have not flared or shaped design, they are good items to make I line silhouette coodinations. Though they’re too simple, STRAIGHT type can wear on them stylishly because they have baranced curvy figure. 

Q. How to make I line silhouette?

A2. WEAR ON straight line items
・Vertical stripes item

The vertical stripe is the best motif to make I line silhouette. Its straight line tricks on eyes and makes the body look more slender and tall. 

・Center press pantshttps://www.lyst.com/clothing/lafayette-148-new-york-womens-menswearstyle-pants-winter-white-winter-whi/
Center press pants is also good item to make I line silhouette. The straight center line makes STRAIGHT type’s muscular legs look straight and slender. Its formal design also matches STRAIGHT type.


Q.How to make I line silhouette

A3. WEAR ON all in one items.
・Maxi one piece


Not flared maxi one piece is the best item to make the I line silhouette. Not too shaped waist line and side slit design is also better to make the beautiful I line silhouette. 




Jumpsuit is also good item for STRAIGHT type. The design points for STRAIGHT type are that not too tight design, straight silhouette, waist position is around hipbone. Made of solid cloth is more better.  


Q.How to make I line silhouette

A4. WEAR ON long outers
・Long cardigans


Long cardigans is the convenient item to make any coodinations I line silhouette. For STRAIGHT type, it is recommended to choose the design that made of fine thread and simple basic design one. 




Gilet means vest in French. Long gilet is the fashionable item so it makes the coodination more stylishly.  For STRAIGHT type, made of solid cloth one is recommended.   


Q.How to make I line silhouette

A5. PUT ON long scarf


For STRAIGHT type, it is not recommend to have a scarf rolling and voluming up at their neck position. They are better to  make vertical line by a scarf.


This is the easist way to make I line coodination. Any fashion turns into I line coodination and you can change the clothes impression by one skarf.

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