A. It is japanese fashion method. In the method, you can see all the fashion item and cloth material that matches your bodyframe.

In Japan, there is a fashion matching rule called “3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD”.

In this method, people are divided into 3 bodyframe types. This is based on the skeletal structure.

3 bodyframe types are STRAIGHT, WAVE, NATURAL, and each type has their own suitable cloth design and cloth texture. These 3 type is distinguished by the strengthen of their framework and skin type.






Q. Does my bodyframe type change in my life?

A. No. Your bodyframe type never changes in your life.

Your body frame type never changes in your whole life. As a bodyframe type depends on your heredity, your bodyframe type fixed in your unborn babyhood. Even if you gain fat, lose weight, get pregnant, your bodyframe type won’t change at all. Once you find your frame type, you can make use of the method ever after.



Q. I don’t like the clothes of my bodyframe type. What should I do?

A. Try on the clothes whose material and size are your bodyframe type.

The fashion that matches your body is not always the fashion you like. In that case, I recommend to wear on the clothes that you like. However, if you would like to make your body look more stylish, it is better to choose the clothes whose cloth material and size are your bodyframe type. You should try the clothes that the design you like, the cloth material and size are your bodyframe type.


For example, If STRAIGHT type wants to wear on a flare skirt, they should choose the solid cloth and not too tight one. Flared item tends to make STRAIGHT type look fat, but the solid cloth covers their curvy body line and make them look slender.







If WAVE type wants to wear on a simple shirt, they should choose the soft cloth and fit size one. They looks too simple and skinny wearing on a simple shirt, but fit size make them look nice figure and soft cloth matches their skin. The decoration design like gathers on their sleeves is more better to make them look gorgeous.




If NATURAL type wants to wear on a formal jacket, they should choose the one that is made of natural material and over size. Though NATURAL type tends to have difficulties to wear on formal items, natural material matches their skin and rough silhouette covers their strong frame.









Q. Are there any shops for my bodyframe type?

A. Yes, there are. Finding the shop for your bodyframe type is the best way to get the suitable clothes.

It is very difficult to find the clothes that meets all the conditions like material and design for your bodyframe type.

It is the easiest way to find the shop for your bodyframe type to get your suitable clothes. As the clothes of the shop is designed to a certain model, the clothes meet the conditions like materials or designs for one bodyframe type.

For example, in a shop for STRAIGHT type, most of the clothes of there are designed to be matched for STRAIGHT type’s body.

Below are the shops for each bodyframe type that is famous and convenience in the most area of the world.

The shop for STRAIGHT type is UNIQLO. The clothes of simple and basic design is best for STRAIGHT type.


WAVE type
The shop for WAVE type is forever21. There are a lot of clothes that is designed feminine and made of soft clothes.

A shop for NATURAL type is GAP. Most of the clothes are designed casual and made of natural material.




Q. I think I don’t look good in the clothes of my bodyframe type.

A. Try on other clothes which has different design or softness of clothes in the shop of your bodyframe type.

If you were STRAIGHT type, you won’t be necessarily suit all of the clothes for STRAIGHT type. If people were the same bodyframe type, they won’t suit same design clothes as they have a little different body features. If you didn’t look good in the clothes of your bodyframe type, you should try on other designs or different softness of clothes in the shop of your bodyframe type. 




Q. How will we change after learning and wearing on the clothes that match our body?

A. You look nice figure, young, and stylish. You can save the cost and time of shopping of clothes.

The suitable clothes make you look nice figure, young, slender and stylish. Those clothes cover your body’s negative point and make the good points look more better.

You don’t have to chase all of the trend and you can distingish only the fashion you should take.

After you find your bodyframe type and learn your suitable clothes, it is maybe that your shopping time and cost will be dramatically reduced. The numbers of shops you should check are reduced and it is also reduced that the waisting money and time for the clothes you never wear on.

3 TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD is not only for the people who likes fashion but also for the people who have no interest in fashion.

If you have other questions or opinions about 3 TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD, you can contact me from the green button.



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