117. Are there any shops for my bodyframe type?

Fashion correct answer is wearing clothes that match our body. In Japan, there is 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD to know suitable designs and cloth texture. There are 3 bodyframe type STRAIGHT, WAVE and NATURAL in the method.


Q. Are there any shops for my bodyframe type?

A. Yes, there are. Finding the shop for your bodyframe type is the best way to get the suitable clothes.

It is very difficult to find the clothes that meets all the conditions like material and design for your bodyframe type. It is the easiest way to find the shop for your bodyframe type to get your suitable clothes. As the clothes of the shop is designed to a certain model, the clothes meet the conditions like materials or designs for one bodyframe type. For example, in a shop for STRAIGHT type, most of the clothes of there are designed to be matched for STRAIGHT type’s body. Below are the shops for each bodyframe type that is famous and convenience in the most area of the world.

The shop for STRAIGHT type is UNIQLO. The clothes of simple and basic design is best for STRAIGHT type.


WAVE type
The shop for WAVE type is forever21. There are a lot of clothes that is designed feminine and made of soft clothes.

A shop for NATURAL type is GAP. Most of the clothes are designed casual and made of natural material.




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