113. How to choose basic items for WAVE type




T‐shirt for WAVE type
When WAVE type chooses T-shirt, there are some points to check.

・Boat nack
・Crew neck
・Square neck

・Puff sleeve
・3/4 sleeve
・Cap sleeve

・Feminine and decorative
・Gathers on sleeves or front neck is better

(Soft man-made fiver cloth is better)




The wide opened necklines are not recommended for WAVE type because they look cold or too simple as they have long slim neck and thin upper body. Boat neck or square neck are best for them. They matches feminine design like cap sleeve or 3/4 length sleeve and gathers on sleeves or front neck make their slim upper body look gorgeous. Soft cloth matches WAVE type’s skin and light man-made cloth like polyester or rayon are better for them. Fitted size that shows their bodyline is better than over sizes. Feminine design like gathers or fitted size make them look beautiful. The short length make them look well- balanced body.




White shirt

White shirt for WAVE type
When WAVE type chooses white shirt, there are some points to check.

・Round collar
・Small collar
・Sharow opend collar

・Gathers on sleeves is better

・Polyester, rayon, chiffon
(Soft man-made fiver cloth is better)
・See-through cloth




As WAVE type matches wave line items, even the collar of the white shirt is also better to be round shape. The small size collar is better and it is not recommended for them to open their neckline too wide. Feminine design like gathers on sleeves or frills on their breast make WAVE type’s thin body look gorgeous. It is recommended for them to wear on man-made soft cloth materials like polyester, rayon, chiffon and they mathes see-through cloth. The fit size make their body look more beautiful than oversize, and short tops length or tucking in make their coodination look better.




Sweater for WAVE type
When WAVE type chooses a sweater, there are some points to check.

・Boat neck
・Square neck
・Round neck


・Polyester, Acrylic fiber, Rayon (Artificial fiber is better)




As WAVE type has slender upper body, there are some points of sweater to make their body look beautiful. The points are neckline, cloth material and size. The shallow opened neckline is better for them because their long neck and thin upper body looks cold and too simple in deep opened neckline.
It is better for them the soft & light artificial fibers like polyester, acrylic fiber, rayon and mohair is the best material for their sweater. Soft texture of mohair make their thin upper body looks feminine.
The size is small fit size is better. As they have delicate framework, they look beautiful to show their body line.
The short length is better for them to make the best balance their coodination.



Turtleneck for WAVE type

When WAVE type chooses worm sweater, cowlneck is better than turtleneck. As they have thin upper body, wearing on a turtleneck or highneck make their bust position look low. Cowlneck also makes WAVE type look gorgeus because it covers around their thin shouleders and collarbones.


If WAVE type wants to wear on a simple or a wide opened neck sweater, it is better to wear on a shirt under it. This coodination is widely useable for all tops of too simple or wide opened neck for WAVE type.



Cardigan for WAVE type
There are some check points of cardigan for WAVE type.

・Round neck
・Crew neck
・Shallow V-neck

・Decorations like Bijoux on upper position
・Gathers on sleeves

・Polyester, Acrylic fiber, Rayon

(Soft artificial fiber is better)



Cardigan is the suitable item for WAVE type because front button design covers their thin upper body.
The round neck or shallow V-neck is better for them bacause WAVE type’s body looks balanced having some points on upper position on their coodinate.
They look gougeous in feminine decorations like bijoux or gathers. These decorations also should be on the upper position of the clothes.
The cloth material is light and soft one is better. Atrificial fivers like polyester, acrylic fiber, rayon are recommended and mohair is also good in winter.
As WAVE type looks stylish making their upper coodination compact, fit size and short length cardigan is the best for them.



Pants for WAVE type
There are some check points of pants for WAVE type.

・Short length
・Slim silhouette


・Strech material
・Soft cloth


・Cropped length
(From under knee to ankle)


The points of WAVE type’s pants are short length and slim silhouette.
As they have more volumed lower body than upper body, making their lower body look slim and compact is the best way of balanced coodination. The short length pants like cropped pants is better, and the length is form their under knee to ankle. They look feminine and slim showing their thin ankle. Slim fit design pants is also better to make their feminine coodination. The strech cloth is best for the fit pants and soft cloth is also recommended for their soft skin.



Jeans for WAVE type
There are some check points of jeans for WAVE type.

・Slim line
・Skinny jeans

・High rise

・Thin soft cloth
・Strech cloth


Slim line or skinny jeans matches WAVE types feminine coodinations. Slim fit line makes their delicate bodyframe look beautiful and WAVE type look nice figure making their lower body look slim and compact.
The high rise design matches their waist and hip line. They should better to choose high rise pants than low rize one.
The thin soft denim cloth is better for their soft skin and their body line looks beautiful in strech materials.


Tailored jacket

Tailored jacket for WAVE type
There are some check points of tailored jacket for WAVE type.

・Round shape




Most of WAVE type have difficulties to wear on tailored jacket because they don’t look good in sharp items designed by straight lines. There are some points of design for WAVE type to wear on it stylishly.
A round shape lapel is better than sharp straight one.
The V-zone is should not be too wide or deep opened because their slender upper body look skinny.
Shaped waistline and short length design are recommended for them because they look nice figure to have points on the upper position of their coodinations.


Trench coat

Trench coat for WAVE type
There are some check points of trench coat for WAVE type.

・Shallow opened

・Soft and light cloth
(Artificial fiver cloth is better)

・Higher than waist

・Above knee


Most of WAVE type have difficulties to wear on a trench coat because it is designed sharp straight lines. They should choose the trench coat that made of soft and light cloth materials like polyester or rayon. The soft cloth will make soft wavy silhouette of trench coat. The collar design is not deep opened one is better. As WAVE type’s lower body has more volume than upper, the points of their clothes should be upper position. The Belt should be higher position, and the coat length should be shorter than their knees. They should try to smaller size too because fit clothes make their figure look better.


Wool coat

Wool coat for WAVE type
There are some check points of Wool coat for WAVE type.

・Fur coat

・Shallow V-zone

・Upper position

・Soft and light wool

・Fit size

・Above knee


WAVE type matches fur coat. Fur design around their neck covers their thin upper body and make them look gorgeous. They look nice figure wearing on a clothes which has points on upper position of it. Shallow opened coller design is better and buttons and waist shaped positions are also on the upper positon one is better. The cloth of light and soft wool is better. Thick and heavy cloth doesn’t match their delicate bodyframe. WAVE type should choose fit size than oversize. And they look stylish wearing on not long coat. It is recommended for them the length of above their knees.




Sneakers for WAVE type

WAVE type matches compact sneakers.
As WAVE type matches feminine style, they have a little difficulties to find the sneakers that match them. But if they take the theory of 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD, they can find the suitable sneakers for them.
The suitable sneakers for WAVE type are below

・Simple and slim design
・Feminine design (showing ancle design, unremarkable shoelace, etc)
・Made of soft materials
・Thin sole

As WAVE type tends to have thin upper body and plump legs, they look balanced figure when they make their lower body look slim and compact. That’s why it is recommended for WAVE type to choose the compact design sneakers.
The compact sneakers like simple and slim design, and thin sole is better. Unremarkable shoelace like same color of shoes is also better because their feet don’t stand out.
WAVE type matches femine style, so they look stylish and slim when they show their ancles. Low cut design sneakers are recommended for them.
The sneakers made of soft materials are better because it matches their soft skin.

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Belows are the sample of suitable sneakers for WAVE type.



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