3. How to define your bodyframe type?

Fashion correct answer is wearing on clothes that match our body. In Japan, there is 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD to know suitable designs and clothes texture.
In 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD, how to define your bodyframe type?
In this method, 3 bodyframe types STRAIGHT, WAVE and NATURAL are distinguished by the strength of their skeletal structure and skin type.
To see them, stylist checks customer’s body like below.
Look body balance
Stylist looks the balance of customer’s whole body. Which does upper body or lower body have more volume? Does shoulder width stand out or not? Does clothes customer wearing on match her body?・・・etc
Touch some parts of body
Stylist checks customer’s framework by touching some parts of body. Stylist touches customer’s hand, arm, shoulder, collarbones, under bust, back, lower back, waist and knees. Depending on the stylist, the order and parts of touching will be  different.
Wear some items
Stylist let customer wear some items to check they will match or not. To distinguish framework type, there are several items like jacket, neckless and belt or other.
Above steps may change or be skipped depending on the condition or the customer.  In addition, all above steps will be done with your clothes on, so, the following clothes are not suitable for defining.
Unsuitable clothes for defining
⇒ Stylist checks customer’s collarbones and the length of his or her neck.

photo: https://www.usseek.com/images/turtleneck

・Stiff or thick material clothes
⇒ Thin or soft cloth is better because stylist checks customer’s skin and mascle.

・Hard body shaper
⇒ Stylist checks customer’s original balance of total body and mascle.

photo: https://www.11street.my/productdetail/body-shaper-butt-lifter-slimming-fitness-54604788

To see the balance of total body, customers may be told to taken off their shoes and jacket.




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