2. How to find clothes that match your body?


How to find clothes that mutch your body?

The correct answer of fashion is that we should wear clothes match our body.
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There is a golden fashion balance people feel beautiful so we should make the balance by wearing clothes which perfectly match our body.

For example, people who has short neck should wear tops with wide opened neck design to make beautiful neck line.

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If people who has long neck wear wide opened neck design, it looks so cold or too simple. Everybody has suitable neck design to make golden balance.

To make the golden balance, we should know our body features and should choose suitable cloth texture and design.

Japanese fashion method 
In Japan, there is a fashion matching rule called “3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD”.

In this method, people are divided into 3 bodyframe types. This is based on the skeletal structure. So, once you find your bodyframe type, it will never change even if you gain or lose weight, or any other change of body shape.

3 bodyframe types are STRAIGHT, WAVE, NATURAL, and each has their own suitable cloth design and texture. These 3 type is distinguished by the strengthen of their framework and skin type.


This kind of method is established by Yumiko Hutakami in Japan 1998. Now in Japan, there are several associations to give a qualification of the stylist of this method.

I have the qualification of the stylist of 3 type bodyframe method, and this is the first blog in the world to introduce the method in English as long as I know. I’ll explane about the method and japanese fashion in this blog.




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