3. How to define your bodyframe type?

Fashion correct answer is wearing on clothes that match our body. In Japan, there is 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD to know suitable designs and clothes texture.
In 3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD, how to define your bodyframe type?
In this method, 3 bodyframe types STRAIGHT, WAVE and NATURAL are distinguished by the strength of their skeletal structure and skin type.
To see them, stylist checks customer’s body like below.
Look body balance
Stylist looks the balance of customer’s whole body. Which does upper body or lower body have more volume? Does shoulder width stand out or not? Does clothes customer wearing on match her body?・・・etc
Touch some parts of body
Stylist checks customer’s framework by touching some parts of body. Stylist touches customer’s hand, arm, shoulder, collarbones, under bust, back, lower back, waist and knees. Depending on the stylist, the order and parts of touching will be  different.
Wear some items
Stylist let customer wear some items to check they will match or not. To distinguish framework type, there are several items like jacket, neckless and belt or other.
Above steps may change or be skipped depending on the condition or the customer.  In addition, all above steps will be done with your clothes on, so, the following clothes are not suitable for defining.
Unsuitable clothes for defining
⇒ Stylist checks customer’s collarbones and the length of his or her neck.

photo: https://www.usseek.com/images/turtleneck

・Stiff or thick material clothes
⇒ Thin or soft cloth is better because stylist checks customer’s skin and mascle.

・Hard body shaper
⇒ Stylist checks customer’s original balance of total body and mascle.

photo: https://www.11street.my/productdetail/body-shaper-butt-lifter-slimming-fitness-54604788

To see the balance of total body, customers may be told to taken off their shoes and jacket.




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2. How to find clothes that match your body?


How to find clothes that mutch your body?

The correct answer of fashion is that we should wear clothes match our body.
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There is a golden fashion balance people feel beautiful so we should make the balance by wearing clothes which perfectly match our body.

For example, people who has short neck should wear tops with wide opened neck design to make beautiful neck line.

photo: http://wisteria913.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/1

If people who has long neck wear wide opened neck design, it looks so cold or too simple. Everybody has suitable neck design to make golden balance.

To make the golden balance, we should know our body features and should choose suitable cloth texture and design.

Japanese fashion method 
In Japan, there is a fashion matching rule called “3TYPE BODYFRAME METHOD”.

In this method, people are divided into 3 bodyframe types. This is based on the skeletal structure. So, once you find your bodyframe type, it will never change even if you gain or lose weight, or any other change of body shape.

3 bodyframe types are STRAIGHT, WAVE, NATURAL, and each has their own suitable cloth design and texture. These 3 type is distinguished by the strengthen of their framework and skin type.


This kind of method is established by Yumiko Hutakami in Japan 1998. Now in Japan, there are several associations to give a qualification of the stylist of this method.

I have the qualification of the stylist of 3 type bodyframe method, and this is the first blog in the world to introduce the method in English as long as I know. I’ll explane about the method and japanese fashion in this blog.



1. What is the correct answer of FASION?

Everybody worries about their clothes every day.

・Which skirt should I wear for a date?

・This dress is pretty, but something strange when I put on.

・In my closet, there are so many clothes I never wear.

・Should I wear a trendy design pants of this season?

What is the correct answer of fashion?

However some people who have good fashion sense can enjoy choosing their clothes, most people do not want to waste their precious time and money for their clothes. If people don’t need to care about their fashion, they can concentrate on what they should do.

This title “the correct answer of fashion” is written for the people who do not want to waste their precious time and money for their clothes.

The correct answer of fashion is


This is familiar word and I know you have already known the importance, but I’d like to reconfirm about the reasons of this word.

Why should we wear clothes that match our body?
There are three reasons.

1. They make your body look better
2. You don’t have to chase fashion trend
3. Comfortable

I’ll mention in detail for each.

1. They make your body look better
The clothes match your body make you look better. They show your attractive point and cover your concerning point. There is a fashion golden balance of not being alterable that people feel beautiful. When the clothes perfectly match your body, there will be the fashion beautiful balance, and people take you as a stylish person. You can wear them anytime anywhere with confidence.

2. You don’t have to chase latest fashion
You don’t have to follow latest fashion anymore. Why? Because you never wear the clothes you bought for just the reason that they were latest items. You can wear them no more than several times because the length of fashion trend becomes shorter and shorter these days. But you do not have to worry about it. The clothes perfectly match you make you look being stylish enough.

3. Comfortable
It is comfortable while the clothes are matching your skin type and bodyframe. Every skin type and bodyframe has their best fitting cloth texture and design. So when you wear perfectly matching clothes, you can concentrate on what you should do without being care of your clothes.


If you do not want to waste your time and money, you’d better choose the clothes which perfectly match your body.
You can wear them anytime anywhere because they make your body look better. You can wear them for long term because you don’t have to chase latest fasion. You can wear them without any care because they are comfortable.
So, if you know what kind of clothes matches your body, you can save much time and money for your whole life.