157. Little known good shopping spots in Japan - Reasonable and lovely shops & souveniors


Reasonable trend fashion “SHIMAMURA”

If you have chance to come to Japan, I recommend you to go ” fashion center SHIMAMURA”.


This is japanese fast fashion bland and very popular as its low price fashion items in Japan. I think foreign tourists also can enjoy this place because of its circularity, so I introduce SHIMAMURA’s attractive points in this article.

There are 7 reasons I strongly recommend you to go SHIMAMURA.

1. Low price, really low price
SHIMAMURA is known as its low price clothes. The price of most of the items are less than 2,000 yen. There are many items the price of less than 1,000 yen like 500 yen or 700 yen tops. You can make total fashion coordination by the price less than 10,000 yen include bag and shoes.

しまむらコーデの達人・ミユミユさんに学ぶ!絶対買いたいアイテム8選  -  LOCARI(ロカリ)



2. Many trend items
Though I see that you know other low price blands like UNIQLO or MUJIRUSHIRYO-HIN, compared to such shops, SHIMAMURA takes in a lot of trend items. If you want to enjoy japanese trendy fashion, SHIMAMURA is the best.


3. Many kind of items for each member of your family
There are so many kind of items in SHIMAMURA. Clothes for women, men, kids, and under wear, bag, shoes, formal suits, accesory, large size clothes, bed cover etc. Every memeber of your family can enjoy and find their own favorite clothes. If there is short of somebody’s under wear or need of extra outer during your travel, try to see SHIMAMURA the first.

4. Every city, every prefecture, you can find SHIMAMURA
You can find SHIMAMURA at any place in Japan. There are more than 1,400 shops of SHIMAMURA in Japan, and it is about twice the number of UNIQLO shops. The shops of SHIMAMURA are in every main city of every prefecture in Japan. It is difficult to finish your japan travering avoid finding the signboad of SHIMAMURA.

SHIMAMURA shop list and map (in Japanese)



5. You can try fitting easly
There are some fitting rooms in SHIMAMURA and you can use it as you like without telling a clerk. I also use fitting room at least 5 times for one shopping. We can try so many clothes in SHIMAMURA.
There are 2 points to be careful using fitting room.
1, Take off your shoes before you enter a fitting room.
2. Some SHIMAMURA shops make a rule that the numbers of clothes you can bring into fitting room are limited. You can see the sign at fitting room door. Most of the number is 3 items. If you have many clothes to want to try on, bring 3 items each fitting and try to go fitting room many times.

SHIMAMURA fitting room

6. There is arcade space for kids
In the large shop of SHIMAMURA in suburban , there are little arcede space for kids. Kids can play the games using from little coins like 20, 30 yen at the arcade, and mothers can enjoy shopping during the time children are enjoying.

SHIMAMURA kids arcade space ( It will change depend on the shop )

7. The tax is included in the price tag.
In Japan, the price tag of the most shops are not include tax, but SHIMAMURA’s price tag includes it. You can enjoy shopping without worrying about the extra money of tax.

There are many attractive points of SHIMAMURA and I strongly recommend the place for foreign people too.

According to my research, the less crowded time is 10AM ~4PM of weekday because it is crowded by children of afterschool and their mothers after the time and weekend. It is recommended to go in the time earlier than 4PM if you want to see many clothes.


Stylish general store “3COINS”

If you are traveling in Tokyo, you can see lovery general goods at 3COINS store.

You can get any item in this shop by 3 coins, so you know this is 300 yen shop.

There are about 30 shops of this 3COINS in Tokyo, and you can see this yellow green signboard in big terminal station buidings in Tokyo. Of course there are several 3COINS shops in other prefecture, you can find them from below.

3COINS shop list

In this article, I’ll show you some attractive lovely goods in 3COINS shop.

1. Accesory
There are so many accesories in 3COINS shop. Some items can’t look such low price, and I’m sure you can find your favorite design one in a shop. I especially recommend hair accesories.

2. Kitchen goods
There are so many attractive and useful kitchen goods there.





The popular items will be sold out quickly, so if you find your favorite item, you should get it at once.


3. Stationary
You can see this 3COINS goods are really stylish and so good quality for its price. The designs of stationaries are also fantastick.






4. Storage goods
3COINS is famous of its stylish useful storage goods. As there are a lot of folding storage goods, you can put them in your traveling suitcase and bring them to your country.



5. Seasonal party goods
In the party season, you can see a lot of party goods in 3COINS shop. All of them are pretty and good quality for its low price,





Except the above, there are a lot of attractive goods in 3COINS shop. You can find ideal goods for the souvenirs for your friends or useful items that improve your life.





Functional work wear “WORKMAN”

Do you know “WORKMAN”?
WORKMAN is the japanese shop handling workwear for the people who works at factories or construction sites.


There are a lot of uniforms, gloves and other useful products for such workers.


You can find any kind of functional gloves at low price in WORKMAN.http://abc-times.net/life/18/

The products of the shop are really functionally, low price and the designs of most of them are really stylish.
These days, WORKMAN is really popular in the ordinaly people because of its high quality products.
Today, I strongly recommend this shoop and introduce some hit products that may be useful for your daily life.

My Recomendation & Hit products of WORKMAN

Price:4,900 yen (include tax)
( R-006 透湿レインスーツSTRETCH )


This is a set of pants and jacket. No matter how strong rain you catch, you may never be wet if only you wear this suits because its lining is made of waterproof film.
If you enjoy golf, fishing, mountaineering, camping, watching sports, I promise this suits will be really useful.

Except this suits, you can find many kinds of functional and stylish low price jackets and pants in WORKMAN.


Price:1,900 yen (include tax)
( CB400 ファイングリップシューズ )


This is antislip shoes. If you wear on this shoes, you can walk on water or oil floor without slipping. Though this shoes were made for chefs in restaurants, now this is popular in mothers especialy who is pregnamt or carrying baby in her arms.

Of course there are many kinds of antislip shoes or boots in WORKMAN.

Price:1,900 yen
(include tax)

( S020 綿アノラックパーカー )


This wear is developed for the work sites of fire sparks flying. If you are in charge of fire of camping, this wear will be really useful. This is made of 100% cotton, and you can adjust the neck line, so this parker will protect you from the fire sparks.


Except the above, there are a lot of useful products in WORKMAN.

There are more than 800 shops of WORKMAN in Japan, so you can find this shop in every main city of every prefecture in Japan.

Though it is written in japanese, I put the map of the WORKMAN shops below.

WORKMAN shoplist map

If you have the chance to come to Japan, I strongly recommend to see the shop and try to touch some items in WORKMAN. I’m sure that you can find the useful items that improve your life.




Lovely 100 yen shop “seria”

Do you like 100 yen shop?
I know each time you come to Japan, you check 100 yen shop. In this article, I’d like to tell you about my recommended 100 yen shop that handles so many stylish items.

The shop name is “seria”


There are many kind of 100 yen shops in Japan, seria is specialized its stylish design items in those shops.
I’ll show you some items that I recommend you to check in seria.

The popular and recommended items in seria

Kitchen goods


You can find a lot of pretty and stylish dishes and kitchen goods in the 100 yen shop seria. Not only pretty goods, but also there are useful items in seria.



Nail goods


If you enjoy painting your nails, I’m sure you can enjoy watching nail goods area in seria. There are many kinds of nail goods and really useful color manicures in seria.



DIY goods


If you enjoy DIY work, you can get useful and stylish items like wood board, wallpaper and storage items by 100 yen in seria. You can make stylish and comfortable space in your house using these goods.





The stationaries are also substantial items in seria. You can find many pretty notebooks, post it, seals there. I recommend you to go the area to improve and enjoy your paper works.

There are more than 1400 shops of seria in Japan. You can find the signboard in the area you visit. I really recommend you to go seria when you come to Japan.

Although it is written in Japanese, I put the site so that you can search the map of seria in your area.

seria shop list and map

I hope you will enjoy the time of shopping in seria.



Reasonable child care goods shop “NISHIMATSUYA”

Baby’s growing speed is really fast.
Though they can’t wear same clothes for more than 2,3 monthes, we want to see the pretty figure of the babies wearing pretty design and fitting size clothes.
The Baby’s clothes should be throughly pretty and reasonable.

In Japan, there is a very popular child care goods shop. The shop name is NISHIMATSUYA.


You can find any kind of child care goods like baby and child clothes, maternity wear, buggy, and weaning foods there. All of them are really reasonable.
Today, I’d like to wirte about pretty and useful items in NISHIMATSUYA.

The recommended and highlight items in NISHIMATSUYA

Clothes for babies and kids
NISHIMATSUYA is famous of its reasonable and pretty design child clothes. I’ll write about some useful and popular items in this article.

For reference, below is the size list of America and Japan.


The size of Japanese child clothes is the child’s height in metric. I recommend you to note the height of your child in metric before shopping.

1 foot ≒ 30.48 cm
1 inch ≒ 2.54 cm

Then, you can check the popular items of NISHIMATSUYA.

Pajama pants with belly wamer (a set of 2 pants)
Price 1,079 yen (include tax)


It is nice clothes to keep children’s stomach warm even if they kick out their blanket. They also look stylish because they don’t have to tuck their top in the pants. Of course there are a set of top and bottom of pajamas.

Pajamas for girl
Price 1,079 yen (include tax)





Rain coat over backpack
Price 1,298 yen (include tax)


As the back body part of this rain coat is made of extra wide cloth, children can wear it over his shoudering backpack. They can protect the backpack too from rain with this coat.
Of course no backpack style is also pretty. It is designed stylish in both way.



Strech pants
Price 879 yen (include tax)


It will be really useful item for daily coordinations.
The strech cloth of this pants allows children to move freely and comfortably. The high rise design makes child’s back never show even if they crouch down.



Maternity wear

Meternity pajama
Price 2,479 yen (include tax)


The check points of maternity pajamas are below.
・Comfortable waist design of pants
・Easy suckling design
・Long length top is better for medical examination
Most of meternity pajamas in NISHIMATSUYA meet the requests of above.


Meternity girdle


There are a lot of kinds of meternity girdles in NISHIMATSUYA. If you work or move actively, pants design one is recommended.


Except the above, there are so many useful recommended items for child and meternity care goods in NISHIMATSUYA. As there are about 1,000 NISHIMATSUYA shops in Japan, you can find the rabbit mark signboard in near area you are. Here is the shop list and map ( in Japanese).

NISHIMATSUYA shop list and map








Interest foods shop “KALDI”

KALDI adds interest to what you eat.
If you are tired of eating similar meals everyday, I recommend you to go KALDI shop.


This is food shop gathered interestiong foods and drinks from all over the world. There are a lot of tasty things selected by buyers. In this article, I’ll tell you some recommended items that is popular in Japan.

Recommended foods and drinks in KALDI coffee farm.

MILD KALDI coffee beans
200g 496 yen (include tax)


As KALDI mainly sells coffee related items, there are many kinds of selected coffee beans in the shop. In such specialty things, this is the best recommended blend of KALDI coffee farm. As its name suggests, the taste is mild and the sour and bitter tastes are well balanced.

If you don’t have coffee mill, there is a drip coffee of same blend.

CAFE KALDI drip coffee
10g×10P 448 yen (include tax)




Raw ham
120g 338 yen (include tax)


This is reasonable for its taste and useful for any dishes because it is sliced into small pieces. It will makes your dinner and drinking time more enjoyful one.



KALDI original cinnamon roll
259 yen


This is a frozen food so please warm up by microwave and eat piping hot one. The sweet taste and cinnamon flavor really matches hot coffee.


150g 358 yen (include tax)


This solted fish egg spread makes plain bread or pasta a delicious dish. You can make a wonderful snack with this spread quickly.



GS black tea
500ml 540 yen (include tax)


This is concentrated tea so you can make any kind of tea drinks mixing with other beverages. Milk, soda, of course just water matches this tasty strong tea.

Except the above, there are a lot of interest foods and drinks that you can’t see in a supermarket. Sometimes you can drink sampling coffee in the shop. There are more than 400 shops of KALDI in Japan and you can check the shop list and map in English below.

KALDI shop list and map

I hope you will enjoy your meal time with foods and drinks of KALDI.






Food souveniors selected by Japanese woman

Japanese foods are really tasty.
Though I researched many sites of japanese souvenirs popular with foreigners, I’d like to tell other recommended foods in Japan as one japanese woman.

In this article, I selected the foods in the conditions below.

・Not too heavy and not too much volume
・Not too expensive
・Japan original
・Keep for long
・Easy to cook
・Not so popular in other sites
・Easy to get in anywhere in Japan

So all of the foods are suitable for souveniors and really tasty and popular also in Japan. I hope you have the chance to try to eat these foods.

My recommended souvenior foods are below.


Company name : Itoen

Tea bag of green tea
Left : 362 yen Right : 270 yen ( tax not included )


If you or your friends like japanese green tea, this tea bags of green tea are the best souvenir for them. As this company is the most famous tea product manufaturer in Japan, you can get this product in most of supermarket in Japan. It is also good for as a small souvenirs because there are 20 individual packaged tea bags in a box.
As the taste and aroma of green tea improves in proportion to the price, my recommendation is the left one.


Freeze-dry Miso soup
Price : about 50 ~ 100 yen


There are many kinds of instant soup in Japan, I think this packed type freeze-dry miso soup tastes better than cup type or liquid miso type. You can find such freeze-dry miso soup package in any convenience store and supermarket in Japan. There is no recommended company because most of freeze-dry miso soup tastes good.
My recommended ingredient is eggplant of purple package.



Company name : Bourbon
Rumando (crape cookie stick)
13 sticks in a pack 145 yen ( tax not included )


This is the best and long seller snack in Japan. It has been sold for more than 45 years and loved by all of children, adults and eldery people in Japan. The rolled crape cookie is coated by cocoa cream and the crispy texture is nice and difficult to stop eating. You can find this purple package in every supermarket in Japan. Be careful to carry and eat because it is very fragile snack.



Company name : Harima seimen

Ibonoito ( Somen noodles)
300g 348 yen ( tax not included )


This is Japanese dried fine noodles called “Somen”. This brand name “Ibonoito” is a little expensive than other somen noodle, but the taste is soooo good for its price. It is really easier to cook than other kinds of dried noodles, and the simple taste matches any taste of soup, so I think this is good item for japanese souvenir.
【How to cook】One red bundle is for one meal of a person.
Hot noodles : Put the somen noodle into boiled soup (any soup you like) and stir and wait a minute.
Cold noodles : After one minute boiling in water, take it and put it into cold water and wash the somen to remove the slime. Then, take it from the water and eat dipping any sauce you like. Mentsuyu is recommended souce to eat somen noodle like this picture.


Though it is written that the boiling time is 1minute and a half ~ 2 minutes on the package, my recommended boiling time is one minute. But boil linger if you like soft noodle. It is also good noodle for baby if you cut into short length.




FURIKAKE ( Seasoned powder for sprinking over rice)
Company name : Marumiya
Noritama Furikake (seaweed and egg)
58g 224 yen (include tax)


Though there are a lot of frikake in Japan, this is long and best seller one in Japan. This Noritama (seaweed and egg) taste is not so solty and matches any dishes and very popular with children. Usually Japanese put this seasoned powder over rice, there are many ways to eat this furikake. It is useful for as the topping for buttered toast, yakisoba, chinese fried rice, etc.

My recommended Furikake is below.
Company name : Mishima shokuhin
Yukari (dried powder of red perilla)
26g 131 yen (include tax)


I like this furikake and it’s also best and long seller in Japan. It is the powder of dried red perilla, and it adds any dishes flesh flavor of perilla. Not only dishes, but also some people put this powder into a clear liquor like shochu.
Of cource both furikake you can get any supermarket in Japan.




Company name : Pine company
120g 131 yen (include tax)


This candy has been loved by japanese people for more than 60 years, and it is also my No.1 recommendation. This juicy and fruity pineapple taste is really good and it is also good for small souveniors because it is individual packaged. You can find this candy in large supermarkets or drugstores in Japan.



Except the above, there are a lot of tasty foods in Japan. I hope you and your family and friends can enjoy japanese foods also after the trip.







Goods souveniors selected by Japanese woman

Japan is full of items that we want.
Though I researched many sites of japanese souvenirs popular with foreigners, I’d like to tell other recommended souvenirs in Japan as one japanese woman.
So I selected some items suitable for souvenior for foreigners.

In this article, I selected the items in the conditions below.

・Not too heavy and not too much volume
・Not too expensive
・Japan original
・Not influenced by personal tastes
・Useful in daily life
・Not so popular in other sites
・Easy to get in anywhere in Japan

So all of the items are suitable for souveniors and really useful and popular also in Japan. I hope you and your friends will enjoy their life with these japanese souveniors.

If you want to buy something to eat, I wrote the article about food souveniors.
Must buy foods in Japan

My recommended souvenior items are below.


Company name : Kao

Price : 570 yen ( tax not included )


If you and your friends enjoy bath time, I strongly recommend this bath agent. This product named “Bub” contains carbon dioxide and it dissolves in water like cider. The carbon dioxide gas improves your blood circulation and it is good to remove fatigue.
Though I tried many type of bath agents in Japan, this “bub” is my No.1 recommendation because of its effect, good cost performance and natural aroma.
There are so many kinds of aroma of “Bub”, and you can find individual resale in large drug stores. It is also good for small souvenirs and easy to try in the hotel in your staying in Japan.




Folding umbrella
Price : 500 ~ 3000 yen


You can find really tiny and thin folding umbrella in Japan. As Most of umbrella has UV cut effect, it is very useful if it were in your bag or pocket. For you and for your important people, a japanese folding umbrella will be a good souvenir. You can find compact umbrella in any convenience store and large discount store like don quixote in Japan.




Company name : OKAMOTO SOCKS
Price : 378 yen ( tax included )


This socks resolve all of your worries of short socks. This short socks “KOKOPITA” never come off all a day even if you run, take off your shoes. As there are several type of the length of this short socks, you can put in shoes elegantly without showing socks. You can buy this socks in large drug stores and discount stores in Japan.
In Japan, the shoes and socks size are written in centimeter, it is better to know the length and size in metric system.





TOOTHBRUSH for children
Price : 100 ~ 300 yen


As there are so many kinds of toothbrush in Japan, toothbrush for children developed its original functionality and design. I heard that japanese woman who has children and lives in abroad, she always buy children’s toothbrush each time she back to Japan because the head of brush is small and it is easy to brush children’s small mouth. If you have acquaintance of small children, it will be a good souvenior for them.
Although there are also many kinds of good toothbrush for adults, be careful to buy them as souveniors because it may be a massage that “You have bad breath”.




Price : 100 ~ 500 yen


You can find many kinds of fancy seals in japanese shops. As Japanese young people enjoy decorate their stationaries with many seals, there are large seal selling area in the shops. You can see many seals in 100 yen shops, large stationary shops in Japan.


Except the above, there are a lot of convenient items in Japan. I hope you and your family and friends can enjoy japanese souveniors also after the trip.

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